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Academic Calendar 2016-2017

Printable 2016-2017 calendar

17-19Required Staff Development
22-26Optional Teacher Workdays
23 Open House Middle and High Schools
25 Open House Elementary Schools
29First Day for Students
5Labor Day Holiday
7Optional Teacher Workday
31End of grading period
10Optional Teacher Workday
11Veterans Day Holiday
14Report Cards
23Annual Leave
24-25Thanksgiving Holidays
21Early Dismissal
22Annual Leave
23Christmas Holiday
26-27Christmas Holidays
28-30Annual Leave
2New Year's Holiday
13End of grading period
16Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday
17Student Day (Make Up Day)
25Report Cards
20Student Day (Make Up Day)
21Student Day (Make Up Day)
24End of grading period
27Required Staff Development
28Optional Teacher Workday
5Report Cards
10-13Annual Leave
14Good Friday Holiday
17Optional Teacher Workday
29Memorial Day Holiday
8End of grading period; Last day for students; Early Dismissal; Report Cards
9Optional Teacher Workday
12-13Optional Teacher Workday

Board Approved 3/21/2016; Revised, Board Approved 1/13/2017 - Stokes County Board of Education determines make up days and any calendar changes.

Inclement Weather Make Up Days: January 17, February 20-21, June 9, March 27-28, April 10-13, April 17

Please be aware that in the event of excessive make up days, it may be necessary for the Board of Education to use Teacher Workdays, add additional days to the end of the school year, use Annual Vacation, and Spring Break days.

This calendar is based on 176 instructional days.