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Closings & Delays

Inclement Weather Decision Process

In case of bad weather, the district will post at 5 a.m. to Facebook and Twitter as well as notify local news media. A call will go out to students and staff by 6 a.m. When possible, a decision will be made the evening before.

When the school system administrative offices in Danbury are closed, you may check for closing and delay messages by calling (336) 593-8146. Press one (1) at the prompt for information on decisions regarding closing and/or delays.

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In order to receive information concerning the closing of schools, you may also follow these suggestions:

  • Early in the morning watch television stations WFMY 2, WGHP 8, WXII 12, or TWC News Triad (Refresh/reload links for the latest closings)
  • Listen to the following radio stations: WTQR, WFDD, WXRI, WKZL, WMQX, WMAG, WKSI, WMYN, WSYD, or WHEO

Do not telephone the Weather Bureau, radio or television stations, newspaper offices, school officials or schools.

Weather Timeline & Process

3:00-3:30 Start Driving

4:00-4:15 Decision Discussion

4:30 Decision, Phone to Buses

5:00 Email to all Staff, News Outlets, Facebook and Twitter

6:00 Phone to all students & staff


  • The Superintendent or designee will be the only people to dismiss, delay, or close schools.
  • The Superintendent or designee will send one phone message to all stakeholders in the district.
  • Schools should only send out phone messages if there is a need to send school level information (i.e. ACT being rescheduled, etc).
  • Early dismissal for weather will be based on a schedule (3 hours early) instead of a set time unless conditions necessitate an immediate closure.