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Pay Student Meal and School Fees

K-12 Payment Center

Instructions for Using K-12 Payment Center

To create this account you will need to:

  • Go to k12paymentcenter.com
  • Click on the orange Register Now link on the web site.
  • Once you click the Register Now link you will be taken to a Registration page that explains the benefits of using K12PaymentCenter.
  • Click the Start Registration button to create your account.

After creating your account you will want to add your student(s) to your account by clicking on Manage Students:

  • Add your student's first name and last name
  • Enter your student's unique student id and save

Your student's id # is printed on their class schedule or you can verify by calling 336-593-8146.

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In an effort to increase use of the online payment service, K12PaymentCenter is eliminating the fee for premium accounts effective for the 2016-2017 school year. After the change all users who sign up for the service will have access to premium account features at no extra cost. Existing accounts that have basic service will be upgraded to premium. Users will continue to be charged the same convenience fee that is in place now in your district when adding money to meal accounts.

Benefits of K12PaymentCenter Basic Account:

  • Quick and easy payment system for your student's meals and school fees
  • Deposit to multiple students' accounts with one single payment
  • Payments are easily made for not only school meals, but fees as well (such as merchandise, apparel, supplies, tickets, yearbooks, parking fees, etc.)
  • Recurring payments can be set for monthly or weekly deposits
  • School fees can be assigned to your student by the school district, making it quick and easy to pay for what you need to
  • Notifications sent via text or email when new school fees are assigned to your student
  • School fees can be setup to allow for payments to be made in portions
  • Multiple K12PaymentCenter accounts can link to one student, giving more than one individual the ability to pay on a student's account
  • Step-by-step registration is easy and account management is simple and intuitive
  • Secure payment processing
  • Your information is confidential - we do not sell your information to anyone!
  • No maximum payment amount
  • Access K12PaymentCenter on Facebook
  • $1.95 fee per transaction

Additional benefits of a K12PaymentCenter Premium Account:

  • See your student's meal account balance any time
  • Automated notifications via email and text when your student's meal account balance falls below an amount you choose
  • See 120 days of meals and fees purchased and payments made, which gives you peace of mind knowing exactly where your money is being spent