Technology Funding Announcement

Press Release - 11/1/2022

Technology Funding Announced

Superintendent, Dr. Brad Rice announced additional technology funding in the amount of $1,790,891.41 for improving connectivity for households with poor or no connectivity  and purchasing additional chromebooks to replace older chromebooks.  This funding is made possible by the Universal Service Administrative Company (USAC) and the Federal Communication Commission (FCC). The USAC and FCC previously assisted with connectivity to remote learning during the COVID-19 health emergency.  

Rice said the additional funding will help meet the goal to equip classrooms with the technology to make them completely interactive.  The combination of connectivity and up-to-date chromebooks will improve learning and ensure students stay thoroughly engaged whether in the classroom or at home.  During COVID-19, we learned an interactive classroom is critical for learning success. It will ensure the teacher’s delivery model fits individual student needs.  

Technology Director, Mrs. Karen Barker, concurs this additional funding will help the school system with learning needs and support student success in our digital age.