Safer Schools Grant Award

Press Release - 11/1/2022
Safer Schools Grant Award
Superintendent, Dr. Brad Rice announces Stokes County Schools has been awarded
a School Safety Grant in the amount of $1,611,000.00 from the North Carolina
Center for Safer Schools. A portion of this grant will be used to ensure each school
within the Stokes County School System continues to have a School Resource
Officer present on campuses each day. This grant will be used alongside funds set
aside by the Stokes County Commissioners, Sheriff Joey Lemons, King City Council,
Chief Jordan Boyette, and the Stokes County Board of Education, to fulfill the
mission of keeping the students, staff, and families safe across Stokes County
Schools. Rice said we are appreciative of this grant as everything else is secondary
to school safety. We continually look for ways to maximize school safety and
mitigate safety concerns. Rice added the partnership with our local law
enforcement and the support of our county commissioners have been
immeasurable. Because of this support, we are able to provide an environment
conducive to learning while providing security and safety to our students and

The remaining funds will be used to install up-to-date security cameras throughout
all schools. The security cameras are equipped with enhanced technology, including
license plate detection and facial recognition, which will provide enhanced security
measures at all schools. Additionally, the new camera system will provide real-time
video footage to law enforcement and other emergency responders as they respond
to emergencies on school campuses.

Grant funds will also provide environmental sensors that will provide real-time
notifications to school administrators anytime there is the use of a vape or
electronic cigarette, as well as other important metrics, including temperature, air
quality, humidity, noise level, and motion detection.

The Stokes County School System strives to provide a safe teaching and learning
environment for all students and staff and is thankful for the partnership with law
enforcement, county commissioners, and the board of education as we continually
look for proactive measures to enhance school safety and security.