State Report Card Welcome Letter November 2018

State Report Card Welcome Letter 2018

Dear Parents,

Stokes County Schools strives to provide an excellent education for our students by encouraging them to seek out challenges and reach beyond any limitations. The State of North Carolina has released the report on all schools and districts across the state through the North Carolina School Report Card. Through this reporting, we hope that you can see the continued successes in our district as evident through the data.

The data you will find here in the North Carolina School Report Card is intended to provide important information about your student's school and the entire school system. This report card includes important information about both school and student performance, class sizes, attendance, school safety, school facilities, instructional resources, and teacher quality.

As a part of these reports, each school has received a letter grade to help describe its performance. These school performance grades are comprised of student achievement (80 percent) and growth (20 percent). We are extremely proud of the fact that 100% of our traditional schools earned a school performance grade of C or better, and Meadowbrook Academy continues to demonstrate that they are maintaining progress. This accomplishment is one of several accomplishments for which our district is proud. We remain one of thirty-nine school districts across the state to receive this distinction. Thirteen of our traditional schools maintained their overall letter grade from the 16-17 school year while one school received a higher letter grade than the previous year.

The NC School Report Card is simply a snapshot of the wonderful things taking place in our schools. We welcome your support and participation in your child's education to see the exciting things taking places.

As each year's School Report Cards are released, it is important to celebrate our students' successes. There are too many accomplishments to mention them all, but I would like to point out a few. We are excited that our district continues to increase in many areas of proficiency.

  • The district continues to exceed the state proficiency rates on the End of Course and End of Grade assessments.
  • North, South, and Stokes Early College high schools had graduation rates greater than 90%, and for a second year, Stokes Early College had a 100% graduation rate.
  • Ten of our eleven elementary schools met overall growth expectations.
  • All eleven elementary met or exceeded growth in reading while nine of the eleven met or exceeded in mathematics.
  • One middle school met growth, and one exceeded growth expectations.
  • All three middle schools met or exceeded overall growth in mathematics and reading.
  • Four high schools met or exceeded growth as compared to the state.
  • In addition to the academic realm, our students also continue to be recognized in the arts, music, and athletic arenas. This information is not reported on the State Report Card, but we feel it is also part of our commitment to excellence.

I hope you will take time to review our full state report card at which goes into more detail about these accomplishments as well as areas that we are focused on for improvement. We are committed to providing the educational foundation necessary for our students to be successful in their future endeavors. It is our mission as a school district to provide all students the skills necessary to become successful and globally competitive citizens by providing a quality education for each of our students. We continue to seek ways to build the capacity of students beginning in elementary schools so that they will remain actively engaged in their education and become high school graduates.

The success that has taken place in our schools is the result of the collaborative effort and hard work of our staff, faculty, students, parents, and guardians at each school. Even as standards for student achievement rise, our district can proudly say our staff and students continue to rise to meet the challenges set before them. We are extremely proud of what we have accomplished as a school system, yet we realize the road ahead is filled with change and challenge. As a district, we will continue to explore new ways to raise student achievement and ensure that our teachers are getting the necessary training to educate all children. The attainment of excellence, the unwillingness to accept mediocrity, and the ability to use and provide 21st-century skills shall be consistent goals for the Stokes County School System. We are continually looking for ways to improve instruction in order to meet our students' needs.

In the Stokes County School System, we want parents and community members to be informed about our school's progress and involved in our schools regularly. We hope that the NC School Report Card will be a valuable tool for you to learn more about your child's school. Please join us in our efforts to be the best school system in North Carolina. Talk with your child's teacher and principal about ways you can get involved. We welcome and encourage your involvement. In addition to the county welcome letter, each school has an individualized letter from the school administration regarding highlights and achievements for the school. Please click on the separate school links to access individual school letters.

Thank you for your continued support of Stokes County Schools. If you have any questions, feel free to contact the individual schools for additional information.


Dr. Brad Rice
Superintendent, Stokes County Schools