Middle Schools

 Chestnut Grove Middle
 Piney Grove Middle
 Southeastern Stokes Middle
 Meadowbrook Academy

 Stokes County Schools strives to provide a true middle school experience for all young adolescents in Stokes County. Students in grades 6-8 living in the King/Pinnacle area attend Chestnut Grove Middle School. Students living in the Walnut Cove, Pine Hall and Germanton areas of Stokes County attend Southeastern Stokes Middle School. Students in the northern half of Stokes County attend Piney Grove Middle SchoolMeadowbrook Academy serves middle school students who need non-traditional opportunities for learning.

The primary goal of each of the middle schools in Stokes County is to provide an appropriate education based on the developmental needs of learners between the ages of 10 and 15. Teachers in these schools are specifically trained to work with young adolescents. When planning for instruction, middle school teachers carefully consider the developmental uniqueness of each of these students.

The Stokes County Middle Schools provide time during the school day to meet the needs of individual students. This time is set aside to provide extra time for learning, enrichment for those students who are performing at or above grade level, and exploratory time, a time for students to explore and develop their talents in non-academic areas. For those students needing extra time and support, this is an opportunity for teachers to work with students in small groups to better meet individual needs.

The curriculum at each of Stokes County's Middle Schools is challenging. It actively engages young adolescents by addressing issues and skills that are relevant. The focus is on helping students to become skilled writers, readers, problem solvers, and critical thinkers. The curriculum is integrated so that the students can identity connections between subject area knowledge and real life experiences. The curriculum is also exploratory and enables students to discover their particular abilities, talents, interests, values and preferences. The middle school curriculum is a part of education's overall attempt to help students prepare for adult life and the real world.

Each of the middle schools has an interdisciplinary team organization. The purpose of this team is to provide a sense of community and promote curriculum integration. Scheduling and staffing accommodate the need for teachers in all areas to interact with their colleagues. Daily common planning time for teams of teachers who instruct the same students is a priority that allows for coordination of activities, integration of instruction, and enhanced effort to effect high academic achievement for all students.

Contemporary society presents different challenges than just a few decades ago. Stokes County's Middle School organization is an attempt to meet these changing needs while continuing to provide schools that are joyful places where learning and learners are celebrated.