Special Programs

 The Special Programs Department of Stokes County Schools is comprised of more than 140 certified preschool and EC teachers, qualified instructional support staff, and licensed therapists and specialists working with students with disabilities from ages three through 21 in all of our schools. Our goal is to provide specialized instruction based on evidenced-based practices to students with a broad spectrum of abilities and disabilities, promoting individualized student growth in preparation for post-secondary employment opportunities or education. Eligibility for specialized instruction is determined by adherence to IDEA 2004 and NC Policies Governing Services for Students with Disabilities.

Special education and related services are provided in the least restrictive environment as determined by each student's Individualized Education Plan as developed by his/her IEP team. A continuum of service delivery options are provided throughout the district and are revisited annually based on a program needs assessment.

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Specialized Supports & Programs

If you have questions and/or comments about the program for students with disabilities, please contact the principal of your child's school or the Special Programs Department:

Dr. Lisa LaMonica, Director of Special Programs, (336) 536-9010 X 1747
Cynthia Mabe, Assistant Director of Special Programs, (336) 536-9010 X 1748
Susan Long, Preschool Coordinator, (336) 368-2990
Kristen Hoover, Program Specialist, (336) 536-9010 X 1746
Cameron Rogatsios, Behavior Liaison, (336) 985-0234
Jennifer Handy, Administrative Assistant, (336) 536-9010 X 1745