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The Stokes County School System has made the planning, implementation and support of technology a priority. Administrators, teachers and media coordinators are working diligently to integrate technology into the instructional program at all grade levels.

In order to enable both students and teachers to meet the challenges of a global information society, the Stokes County Board of Education, the Stokes County Commissioners, community organizations, and the State of North Carolina continue to provide funding for technology. The school system has also received several federal technology grants that have increased the opportunity for targeted schools to utilize the newest technologies.

Students, teachers, administrators and staff are benefiting from the commitment to technology:

  • The Stokes County School System has a Five-Year Instructional Technology Plan that has been approved by the State Board of Education.
  • All school facilities and administrative offices are wired and have high speed Internet access.
  • School system employees have access to an e-mail account.
  • Every elementary school has at least one up-to-date computer lab with 25-30 workstations. Middle schools and high schools have computer labs for instruction and computer labs for research with 25-30 workstations in each lab.
  • The ratio of the number of students per instructional computer is 2.7 students to 1 computer.
  • The percentage of classrooms connected to the Internet is 100%.
  • Each of the three high schools has a distance learning lab equipped with at least 25 computers.
  • All schools and the school district have a website.
  • Ongoing opportunities are provided for technology staff development that is designed to raise the competency level of teachers and administrators in integrating technology into the curriculum and in modeling the use of computers and related technologies.
  • All core classrooms are equipped with interactive white boards and projectors.