Parent/Guardian Notification of Medicaid Billing

Parents/Guardians of students who receive services through an IEP receive annual written notification from the Stokes County Schools Special Programs Department regarding the school system's requirement to access Medicaid funds under IDEA 2004 for reimbursable services that are provided to students with disabilities. This notification may be part of the Parents' Right Handbook annual notification. Under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), a parent/guardian's permission is required to be obtained through a ONE TIME WRITTEN CONSENT before the school district may release information to bill the North Carolina Medicaid program for services that have been provided through the student's Individualized Education Plan (IEP).

Whether or not the parent gives permission to release this information does not affect/change the services that will be provided to the student. Medicaid funds reimbursement that is received from the North Carolina Medicaid Program is utilized by the Stokes County Schools Special Programs department to support personnel, assist in the evaluation and/or provision of either special education or related services, and secure necessary resources, including supplies and materials, to assist children with disabilities with fully accessing their educational needs.

Any parent/guardian of a student with an IEP who has questions regarding the Medicaid reimbursement process may contact the Director of Special Programs at (336) 536-9010 X 1747.