Specialized Supports & Programs

The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction provides opportunities for districts to offer additional supports to educators and to their students who have very specialized or intensive needs. Funding for these additional support structures is awarded annually by DPI through a competitive grant process. Stokes County Schools currently provides additional support and resources (above and beyond documented services in the IEP) in the areas of autism problem solving and behavior support.

Autism Support Team (AST)

Stokes County School's Autism Support Team (AST) is a multi-disciplinary team of EC teachers and related service providers who have expertise in the field of autism and working with students with autism spectrum disorder. Members of the AST provide technical assistance to classroom teachers, deliver professional development to any school staff, and model best practices for enhancing the overall growth of students with autism. The goal of the AST is not to "diagnose" students with autism but to problem-solve instructional strategies, supports, or environmental changes that will improve the outcomes of students who have already been identified with autism. For further information, contact the AST Lead Administrator, Kristen Hoover at (336) 536-9010 X 1746.

Behavior Support Services

Stokes County Schools provides additional behavior support services for students with disabilities who meet the PRC 29 eligibility criteria as set forth by NCDPI. Through a yearly competitive PRC 29 grant award, Stokes County Schools is able to employ a behavior specialist. The behavior specialist advocates, monitors services, provides evidence-based interventions and tracks student progress, and links students on the PRC 29 caseload and their families with additional school and community resources. For more information, contact Terri Collins at (336) 536-9010 X 1747.

Mental Health Services

The Special Programs Department oversees the collaborative partnership between the school system and mental health agencies in order to provide mental health school-based services to ANY student who may need mental health assessment and/or treatment. Since mental health services are a medically-based treatment, individual student insurance must be accessed and billed by the mental health agency provider in order to cover the cost of evaluation and/or therapy. Additionally, parental notification and consent must be provided prior to linking any student with available and approved mental health providers. Current services include clinical mental health assessment, school-based therapy, and Day Treatment Program Services. Stokes County Schools currently collaborates with Youth Haven Services (www.youthhavenservices.com) for the provision of mental health services. For more information, contact the school counselor at the school which the child attends or Terri Collins, Director of Special Programs, at (336) 536-9010 X 1747.

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act

Section 504 is a federal civil rights law. It protects students from disability discrimination by public schools, and by any college, trade school, or private school that gets federal funding. Section 504 covers students who have a physical or mental disability that substantially limits a major life activity. People with disabilities have the right to reasonable accommodations giving them equal access to learning and school activities. Schools don’t need to change their programs — just make sure they’re accessible. Public K–12 schools may provide a written 504 plan when a disability prevents the student from accessing a free appropriate public education. Stokes County Schools has an obligation by law and by policy to identify and evaluate students who need or are believed to need special education and/or related services, including all students who are not found eligible under IDEA. 


If you suspect your child may be in need of special education and/or related aids or services that might include an accommodation plan allowing access to a free and appropriate education please contact the principal at your child’s school. 


Policy Link: 1730/4022/7231 504/Nondiscrimination Policy