PreACT, ACT, and WorkKeys Assessments

Dear Parent/Guardian:

As one of the most influential people in your child's life, you have the opportunity to help your child understand the importance of preparing for life after high school. Assessing student's academic strengths and areas of need at this time allows students the opportunity to make timely coursework adjustments to get, or stay, on track for their educational and career goals. While graduation day may seem far in the future, now is a critical time to make sure your child is prepared to take the next step after graduation, whether that means preparing for or starting college or starting a career. Our schools are committed to preparing all students for college and career readiness and are using the PreACT, Workkeys, and ACT assessments to achieve that goal.

The PreACT program helps 10th grade students build a solid foundation for future academic and career success and provides information needed by school districts to create challenging academic courses for students. PreACT is part of the ACT suite of tests and is a comprehensive guidance/resource that helps students measure their current academic development in English, math, reading and science that will also be administered during the month of October.

The ACT Workkeys assessment helps to evaluate a student's readiness to enter the workforce with the necessary skills to be productive as well as successful in the workforce environment. Students currently participating in the Career and Technical Education program in our high schools are given the assessment if they have met the four course sequence with on advance level course in a specific pathway to evaluate their readiness to enter that career pathway. This assessment is administered at the end of the fall semester for early graduates as well as early second semester for students expected to graduate in the spring.

To learn more information about these assessments, please visit ACT Information for Students and Parents.

Thank you for your help in preparing your child to be college and career ready.

Michael Sands
Director of Testing and Accountability
336-591-4319 ext. 119