Substitute Teacher Information

How to Become A Substitute Teacher

Steps to Become a Substitute Teacher

1.  Complete the online training at Cost of the substitute teacher online training is $45 and is paid online. If you are a Retired teacher the training requirement is waived. If you are a current or former Licensed teacher the training requirement is waived.
2.  Print the online training certificate and submit it to:  Human Resources Department, P.O. Box 50, Danbury, NC 27016-0050.
3.  Complete an online application.
4.  For the background check process, please email Emily Anderson at [email protected]  or Stacie Combs at [email protected],  your first and last name and your email address.  You will then receive an email from with instructions for the criminal background check.
5.  Obtain a written recommendation from a current Stokes County Schools Principal. If you do not personally know a principal, schedule an interview appointment with a principal. See Directory of Schools page for contact information.  The principal will submit a written recommendation assessment to the Human Resources Department for the substitute teacher.  If you are a Retired teacher of Stokes County Schools, the principal recommendation is not required.
6.  Following successful references and criminal background check, the Board of Education will take action on a recommendation from Human Resources to hire as a substitute teacher. The Board meets twice a month, however there are deadlines for recommendations, discuss timelines further with Human Resources.
7.  Once the Board approves, you will receive a notification from Human Resources and be scheduled for a temporary new hire orientation.
8.  The entire process can take up to 60 days to complete depending on reference response turnaround time.
9.  NC Certified Educators will be paid $145.00 per day and Non-certified educators will be paid $115.00 per day.
10.  Substitutes are not full-time substitutes and are not a permanent employee. Substitutes are only employed on an as needed basis. There is no promise for continued employment. Substitute teachers have the ability to accept or deny employment at will; therefore, are not eligible for unemployment benefits when not working as a substitute teacher.
11.  Questions, contact Emily Anderson at 336-593-8146 extension 227 or Stacie Combs at 336-593-8146 extension 228