Maintenance & Facilities

About Us

The Maintenance/Facilities Department consists of fourteen (14) employees who are responsible for twenty (20) facilities that total over 1.2 million square feet. Our staff is capable of tasks that range from repairing door locks to constructing auxiliary buildings.

Mission Statement

We, the Stokes County Schools Maintenance/Facilities Department, are committed to ensure that all students receive a quality education in a safe learning environment. The safety of our students comes first.

Maintenance/Facilities Department
453 West Sixth Street
Walnut Cove, NC 27052
(336) 591-4282 phone
(336) 591-3338 fax

Ricky Goins
Ricky Goins, Director of Maintenance/Facilities
Richie Roberts Edd Bowman
Richie Roberts, Maintenance Supervisor
Edd Bowman, Plumber
Tammy Moore
David Boyles
Tammy Moore, Administrative Assistant
David Boyles, Locksmith
Gary Handy
Jamey Davis
Gary Handy, Warehouse Manager
Jamey Davis, Carpenter
Anthony Eaton
  Anthony Eaton, HVAC
  Dale Forrest
  Dale Forrest, Electrician
  George Knight
  George Knight, HVAC
  Matt Mullins
  Matt Mullins, HVAC
  Tom Preston
  Tom Preston, HVAC
  Lucas Smith
  Lucas Smith, HVAC
  Kent Smith
  Kent Smith, Plumber
  Kyle Smith
Kyle Smith, Carpenter
Tony Spaugh
Tony Spaugh, Electrician
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