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Stokes County Schools is always looking to increase our number of School Bus, Activity Bus and Substitute Bus Drivers. If you are interested in a bus driver job and wish to get your bus license, please see the information and class dates below.

Next Training Class: Monday - Wednesday, November 2, 4,5, 2020

All the classes will be at the Stokes County Government Center in the Ronald Wilson Reagan Administrative Building. The classes will be held in the conference room on the third floor. Class will begin each day at 8:30 am and should conclude Mondays and Tuesdays by 3:30 pm and by noon on Wednesdays. If you are not currently employed with Stokes County Schools, please complete an online application for employment with Stokes County Schools 10 business days prior to the bus class (Instructions can be found under the "Stokes County Schools Job Board" link in the "Job Vacancies" section of the Stokes County Schools webpage). This allows us time to complete a criminal background and motor vehicle record check prior to class. Only individuals with satisfactory criminal background and driving record reviews (which includes the entire driving history) will be allowed to attend the bus class. If you are a current employee with Stokes County Schools, please call (336) 591-7169 - or email Angel Whitaker to register for class. You will need to provide your name, address, birth date, telephone number and Driver's License Number in order to register. Space is limited to the first 30 registrants. There is no registration fee and no cost for training materials.

DOT Medical Card

Anyone getting a CDL for the first time must also have a DOT medical card. This means that anyone coming to bus class to get their CDL to drive a school bus will have to have a DOT physical and get a DOT medical card before they are allowed to complete the driving portion of their training. You may come to the class and take the exams, but before you can obtain your permit to drive, you will have to have the DOT medical card. Information about the DOT medical card, including a list of licensed "medical examiners" listed on the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) National Registry in our area can be found by searching here. You can only obtain a DOT physical from a provider on the National Registry. The Stokes County Health Department has an approved provider and you can get your physical there if you like by calling (336) 593-2400 to schedule an appointment. Be sure to let them know that this is for a DOT physical.

Minimum Requirements

In order to obtain your Class B Commercial Driver's License with a "P" for passenger and an "S" for School Bus endorsements and obtain your School Bus Driver Pocket Card (the minimum requirements to drive a School or Activity Bus in NC) you must:

  1. Be at least 18 years old with at least six months driving experience as a licensed operator of a motor vehicle; (Note: To qualify for employment to drive a School Bus or Activity Bus for Stokes County Schools you must be at least 21 years old with at least six months driving experience as a licensed operator of a motor vehicle AND meet all the other legal licensing requirements stated below.)
  2. Pass a written exam administered at the conclusion of the bus class. You must also be able to obtain a DOT Medical Card and you must satisfactorily complete behind-the-wheel training including three skills tests, in a school bus, under the instruction of the DMV School Bus and Traffic Safety Instructor. These skills tests will only be administered once you have passed your written tests and after you have your DOT medical card and CDL Learner's Permit.
  3. You must have a good driving record, including but not limited to no more than one conviction of a moving violation within the past 12 months and not more than three such convictions within the past five years. (Note: For certification purposes a Prayer for Judgment Continued (PJC) is considered a conviction.)
  4. Have no conviction of Driving While Impaired (DWI) within the past five years and not more than one DWI conviction ever. (Note: To qualify for employment to drive a School Bus or Activity Bus for Stokes County Schools you must have no conviction of DWI within the past fifteen years and no more than one conviction ever.)
  5. Have no instances of driver license suspension or revocation for moving violations within the past five years; and,
  6. Have no convictions deemed disqualifying by federal commercial driver license (CDL) requirements. (NOTE: In addition to the above requirements, you will be considered uninsurable and therefore disqualified to drive a county-owned vehicle - including an Activity Bus - for Stokes County Schools if you have any of the following:
  1. Two or more "at-fault" accidents within the past three years;
  2. A conviction of one or more major violations within the past 3 years (Including DWI, DUI, Assault with a motor vehicle, Permitting an unlicensed person to drive, Negligent homicide arising out of the use of a motor vehicle, Using a motor vehicle for the commission of a felony, Reckless driving, Speed Contest/Racing, Hit and Run driving, Speeding more than 20 mph over the limit, and operating a vehicle without a valid driver's license); and
  3. Any combination of "at-fault" accidents, major and minor violations which equal three or more within the past three years.

The process for obtaining a bus license (described in detail above) and employment with Stokes County Schools as a bus driver is described below:

Bus Driver License & Applicant Procedures

1. Applicant/student completes an online application for employment as a Bus Driver/Substitute Bus Driver/Activity Bus Driver with Stokes County Schools. (This step is for individuals NOT currently employed with Stokes County Schools. Please look under "Job Vacancies" section of the Stokes County Schools Website for a link on "Stokes County Schools Job Board". )

2. Applicant/student's application must be submitted at least 10 business days prior to the scheduled bus class (Bus Class Schedule will be posted on the Stokes County Schools website. If you miss the deadline for a class, we will include you in the next available class).

3. A criminal background and motor vehicle record check will be completed for each proposed applicant. **

4. Applicant/student will be contacted by Angel Whitaker or Brad Lankford and invited to attend Bus Class.

5. Applicant/student attends bus class and successfully passes all 4 CDL tests (General Knowledge, Passenger, School Bus and Air Brakes).

6. Applicant/student submits to a drug test immediately after passing written tests.

7. Applicant/student gets a DOT physical and DOT Medical Card. (NEW RULE STARTING JANUARY 1, 2018)

8. Applicant/student goes to NCDMV office and applies for a Commercial Learner's Permit with "P" (passenger) & "S" (school bus) endorsements.

9. Applicant/student holds learner's permit a minimum of 14 days.

10. Once the DMV Driver Education Program Specialist (otherwise known as the bus license trainer) receives notification of a negative result on the controlled substance testing, and after 14 days, the student will be contacted to schedule behind-the-wheel training.

11. Behind-the-wheel training and CDL testing are completed when the student successfully passes the driving portion of the training.

12. Applicant/student returns to NCDMV to purchase a Commercial Driver's License (minimum of Class B) with "P" and "S" endorsements. This license will be valid for three years. Since the one-time CDL application fee of $30 was paid when the learner's permit ($21) was purchased, the remaining cost of the CDL will be $63 ($45 for the license and $18 for the two endorsements).

13. Once the Applicant/student has their CDL, they are to contact Brad Lankford (336-591-7169) at the Stokes County Bus Garage for orientation and instructions on obtaining their school bus certification (pocket card) - which completes their licensing requirements to drive a school or activity bus.

14. The applicant/student's employment process - which has been underway since submitting their application - will be complete after the following: (Application for employment has been received, references have been checked by the transportation department, background checks have been cleared and approved by Human Resources and the application for employment has been formally approved by the Stokes County Board of Education.) The application process may be completed prior to the applicant/student obtaining their CDL. In this case the applicant/student will be approved contingent upon successfully completing their training and obtaining their bus license.

15. Once the applicant/student has been approved, completed their training, obtained their bus license and met with the Transportation Director, they will be provided instructions on how to schedule a pre-employment meeting with the Human Resources Department of Stokes County Schools.

16. Once this is completed and all pre-employment forms are provided, the process is complete and the applicant/student is a licensed bus driver for Stokes County Schools.

** If the bus class is held on a school campus then we are required to perform the criminal background check prior to the bus class.