School Social Workers & Family Support Specialist

Stokes County Schools employs three school social workers and a family support specialist that work with students and families across Stokes County.  Their work focuses on helping connecting with families of students to provide comprehensive support services, interventions, and referrals to community resources.  The school social workers and family support specialist work closely with school administrators, school counselors, and teachers to help identify students and families in need and then assist with removing barriers to student success.  Parents and guardians are also encouraged to reach out to school social workers and family support specialist for assistance with meeting needs.
Jeana Barneycastle
School Social Worker

North Stokes

Piney Grove

South Stokes


West Stokes

Jamie Blume
School Social Worker



Mount Olive

Nancy Reynolds


Stokes Early College



Kimberley Clayton
School Social Worker

Chestnut Grove






Amanda Smith
School Social Worker



Pine Hall

Poplar Springs

Sandy Ridge

Walnut Cove

 School social workers and family support specialist
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