School Nurses

Stokes County Schools employs school nurses who each serve several schools in the district.  School nurses play an important role in maintaining health and safety in our schools and promoting student physical and mental wellness.  They provide health training to all personnel and monitor students' individual health needs as well.  School nurses work with families to understand special health needs and provide training for staff on caring for students with health care plans.  School nurses help monitor health concerns in schools and assist with preventing and responding to disease outbreaks.  Parents and guardians are encouraged to reach out to school nurses about student health concerns.
School nurses serve multiple schools.  You can contact school nurses via email or by calling your child's school.
Karen Bean
School Nurse Lead


Nancy Reynolds

North Stokes

Piney Grove

Sandy Ridge

Tammy Barber
School Nurse


Pine Hall


Stokes Early College

Walnut Cove



Leann Miller
School Nurse


Poplar Springs

South Stokes



Leslie Shelton
School Nurse






Sarah Weatherman
School Nurse

Chestnut Grove

Mount Olive

West Stokes 



Mary King

Assists all school nurses





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Medication Form (Located in the Student Handbook)