Virtual Recognition of Outstanding Educators

Please join Stokes County Schools in recognizing and congratulating the following professionals as outstanding teachers, administrators, and related service personnel. Please take a moment to thank them for their extraordinary dedication and excellence to students.  
2022/2023 Teachers of the Year
abigail westmoreland
Abigail Westmoreland, Poplar Springs Elementary 
Stokes County Schools District Teacher of the Year 
 karin joyce   christina bell wyshona lawson

Karin Joyce

Chestnut Grove Middle School

Ann Weeks
Germanton Elementary

Christina Bell

King Elementary


Wyshonna Lawson

Lawsonville Elementary

mara joyce

 tiffany gunter

lea ann goodson

 jennifer christy

Mara Joyce

London Elementary



Tiffany Gunter

Meadowbrook Academy


Lea Ann Goodson

Mount Olive Elementary  


Jennifer Christy

Nancy Reynolds Elementary



paul curtis

 sarah selby

 jeff gammons

 shannon whitt

Paul Curtis III

North Stokes

High School


Sarah Selby

Pine Hall Elementary

Jeffrey Gammons 

Piney Grove Middle School


Shannon Whitt

Pinnacle Elementary


 kasey livengood

meredith booe

anna ronacher

 robin wilson

Kasey Livengood

Sandy Ridge Elementary

Meredith Booe

South Stokes High School


Anna Ronacher

Southeastern Middle School


Robin Wilson

Walnut Cove Elementary



 steven lewis



Christine Long

West Stokes High School


Steven Lewis 

Stokes Early College High School



2022/2023 Principal of the Year
Coming Soon 
Stokes County Schools Principal of the Year
Related Service Personnel
Outstanding Employee