Stokes County Schools Long-Range Planning

The Board of Education is charged with many tasks.  One of those tasks is to plan for the future.  In 2021, the Board started this planning process with an enrollment study.  Then, in coordination with the County Commissioners, the Board conducted a facility study this fall.  Finally, this spring, the Board is working with three firms to conduct an efficiency study.  Equipped with this information, the Board will make decisions about the future of Stokes County Schools.  

Long-range planning aims to provide our students with a quality education and robust extra-curricular activities in safe and inviting buildings and campuses.  To do this, we need high-quality staff, and you are a fantastic staff who do a great job with our students.

The Board will discuss long-range planning at future meetings.  While the specific agendas have not been set, you can keep up with them on the Board's Page on our website.

The Board loves our students and wants to ensure they get the best education possible. However, the Board's role is also to be responsible stewards of tax-payer money.  Yet, these decisions are not just about money, efficiency, or passion for a building.  When decisions are made, rest assured the Board will base them on a passion for our students' education.  


Von Robertson, Chairman of the Board of Education

Brad Rice, Superintendent

Population Study (2021-2022)
Facilities Studies (2022-2023)
Efficiency Studies (Spring 2023)
  • Masonboro Group
  • Operations Research & Education Laboratory (ORED) - NC State University
  • The North Carolina Department of Public Instruction