Enroll My Child

Bonds run deep. Classes run small. Futures look bright.

Every child in our county deserves our focus and investment. At Stokes County Schools, we join together to create a circle of support around our students and develop dynamic learning experiences that shape their futures. Whether you’ve got a kindergartener just starting out, a high school student charting a path to the future, or you’re a home-school family looking for a variety of learning and engagement opportunities, we take your child’s development to heart. That means being committed, creative and collaborative in addressing students’ needs. Working closely with each other and with our local organizations and community colleges to offer valuable opportunities. Leading with integrity. Connecting with students on a meaningful, one-on-one level — and shepherding them through every transition. Inside every Stokes County school, you are known, you are valued and you have what you need to succeed. That’s the beauty of a small district with huge opportunities.

Find steps to enroll in the page navigation box and learn more about our vision for your child’s educational journey in the downloadable flyers, below.

Students don’t need to have it all figured out — they just need to be willing to explore.

A tremendous variety of options helps your student find the right opportunities for their learning style, goals and personal interests. Courses through Forsyth Technical Community College and Advanced Placement classes. The ability for first-generation students to earn an associates degree at Stokes Early College. Hands-on learning and job shadowing with local organizations. Special certifications in high-demand trades. Extracurriculars, arts programming, athletics — and more.

Your school will know you, your child and the needs of your family.

We see parents and guardians as a part of our team. When we work together, we can open your child to all kinds of learning opportunities that recognize who your child is at their core. And the same goes for you: Join us for curriculum nights, cultural arts events, athletic competitions, PTA meetings, booster club fundraisers and more. There are all kinds of ways to make an impact for your school.

Stokes County is a wonderful place to live and an inspiring place to learn. 

It’s not just our beautiful setting that makes living and learning here special — it’s our people. Our communities are warm, welcoming places with individuals and organizations that want to support the growth and development of our students.

Every day in every school, people step up to make good things happen for our students.